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The ART-34A Portable Station is the latest version of the successful ART Portable Station series, the most popular communication box specially designed to operate in hot air balloons.

The key concept is the modular design which allows integration in a single box of a VHF Airband Radio, Mode-S Transponder and GPS for ADS-B transmission.

The ART-32A Portable Station can be configured to your current requirements whilst it retains the possibility to upgrade it in the future. Many options are available. Please check the Reference Product Chart to see which is the most suitable for your application.

Our technology partners are FUNKE Avionics and TQ Avionics.


The transponder allows the height, position and call sign of your balloon to be seen clearly by ATC radar leading to increased safety for the balloon operator.

We offer 2 possibilities: Funke TRT800H-LCD and TQ Avionics KTX2-S.V2. If you already have a transponder then you can order the wired version of the Portable Station enabling you to utilise your existing transponder.

VHF Radio

The VHF airband radio allows voice communications with any other aircraft, airport control tower and with your ground support crew.

We offer 2 possibilities: Funke ATR833-LCD and TQ Avionics KRT2-S. If you already have the radio then you can order the wired version of the Portable Station to utilise your existing radio.


Get the optional Haicom HI-206 non TSO'd GPS which allows your transponder to transmit ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) protocol.

Your GPS position, heading and ground speed are precisely shown in Air Traffic Screens in addition to Mode-S data.



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