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EC-KEJ, Ultramagic M-77 complete

Priceo: 8.000€ (private sale)

-C3 Ultramagic basekt with brown suede (1,2 x 1,0 m)

-396 hours.

-Hyperlast top third

-Mk-10 Ultramagic double burner

-4 tanks Worthington REGO:

2 PRV valid until 09/2027

2 PRV expired

-Inflation fan HONDA 5hp

-Additional equipment: fire extinguisher, drop line, fire blanket and first aid kit

-It can be delivered with new ARC or Export CoA

Ready to fly!

Contact: Maria Luisa Cabañero

Phone : +34 667 501 907

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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

EC-LSH, Ultramagic T-180 complete balloon

Price: 27.500 euros

-C5 basket Ultramagic with black leather

-260 hours

-Hyperlast complete

-Double burner Ultramagic Mk-21

-Inflation fan HONDA 9hp

-Additional equipment: fire extinguishwr, drop line, quick release

-Valid ARC

Ready to fly!

Contact: Ivan Conesa Jordán

Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

Phone : +34 628 12 17 16

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Since we manufactured the first balloon trailer in 2002, we have worked closely with pilots and manufacturers to improve and innovate our products. Little by little, we have made it much easier to transport and handle the different elements of the balloons. Thus, we have a wide range of products, equipment and extra components with different finishes, always made to measure and in detail according to the requirements of each balloon and each pilot.


A way to facilitate the work of raising the envelope of the balloon to the trailer, without effort and safely.

  • hydraulic lifting arm

  • support Battery protected in a waterproof box

  • Work signage

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