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Creating Value

At M. Piqué Correduría de Seguros we are specialists in identifying, evaluating and treating the main risks of your company and designing and implementing the insurance program that best suits you. Thanks to our extensive experience since 1948, we have the maximum information on the insurance market and its technical and regulatory evolution. We cannot eliminate risks, but we can foresee them and have action plans to reduce them:

  • Identification of risks, whether insurable or uninsurable.

  • Analysis of the current insurance program.

  • Preparation of the 100% customized insurance program for each case and according to technical and regulatory bases.

  • Assessment of the different insurers that meet the requirements of the established insurance program and contract management

Growing with you

  • Our commitment does not end with the contracting of the policy. We know that you are in constant movement and evolution and we must accompany you on a day-to-day basis:

  • Re-identifying day by day the risks to which you expose yourself and adapting the program to it

  • Remain attentive to new insurance solutions and the administrative process of modifications, registration and cancellations

  • Negotiating the cost of the program so that your growth is not at the cost of increasing costs

By your side

  • The accident is the moment of truth and we know that it is when you need us the most. For this reason, we will accompany you throughout the process, from the expert opinion to its resolution, knowing that you must be focused on returning to activity in the shortest possible time and with the least possible economic impact:

  • Accompanying you during the first hours of the accident, providing the peace of mind you need

  • Verifying the corresponding expert reports and reports for the correct resolution of the claim

  • Establishing a tailored claims protocol according to the needs of each company

Phone: +34 938 037 725



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